Hefei has a New Landmark

On the north shore of Chaohu Lake stands a unique venue shining in the night . It is the Science and Technology Museum , a major cultural venue jointly built by the province and the city .It will officially open in the second half of 2023 with up to 2 million visitors expected each year.

The Museum is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of Hong Kong and Huanhu North Roads in Binhu New District, covering an area of about 75 acres, 5 floors above and 1 floor below ground. The total construction area is about 60,000 square meters, of which about 48,000 square meters are on the ground, about 12,000 square meters are underground, and the building height is 45 meters.

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The main areas of the building are ; exhibition education, public service, business research, youth activity center, management security, etc. The overall design adopts the concept of the dynamic operation of the universe.

From the exterior of the building, you can see the spiral curve of the space from the inside to the outside, which shows the basic form of the movement of the universe, and inspires visitors to explore the universe with the intermediate contour line of the facade.

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Through the change of metal color printing glass to perforated aluminum plate and glass, the movement of the surface material is formed.

Combined with the shape of the space curve, it shows the mystery of space operation. The intermediate contour line

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The Earth LED screen in the atrium is the core area of the museum and part of the transparent glass display of the building’s exterior, symbolizing the universe.

From outside the venue, you can see the Earth LED screen and the spherical Tianwentai on the roof at the same time, feeling the cosmic landscape of the Earth and the moon.

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