Hefei Entry and Exit Policy During National Day

Some citizens inquired about the National Day holiday and the arrangements for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Hefei before and after. On the morning of September 24, the Hefei Municipal Emergency Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and Control responded.

What advice do you have for traveling during the National Day holiday?

A: Hefei advocates local celebrations. Residents should choose to travel within the city, reduce cross-city travel, and try not to leave the province. If you really need to leave, pay close attention to the epidemic situation at your destination, understand the local epidemic prevention and control policies in advance, make travel plans, and do not travel to medium- and high-risk areas. Before and after return, nucleic acid testing is reported and performed as prescribed. When taking airplanes, trains, inter-provincial coaches and other means of transportation, you must strictly comply with the relevant epidemic prevention requirements and hold a 48-hour nucleic acid test certificate. During the travel process, personal protection must be strengthened, green travel must be ensured, masks must be worn regularly, and a safe distance must be maintained.

What aspects need to be paid attention to when coming (returning) to Anhui?

A: Please register the declaration information in advance for those who have recently lived in high, medium, and low-risk areas, those who have recently returned after isolation, and those who have returned from outside the province. Take the initiative to report to your units, communities or hotels, and cooperate with corresponding health management measures such as nucleic acid testing, home isolation and health monitoring. Those who deliberately conceal or fail to report in time, resulting in the spread of the epidemic, will bear legal responsibility.

I am in Hefei during the holidays, what should I pay attention to when I go to public places?

Answer: Public places strictly implement the “two codes” (health code, itinerary code) joint inspection. Scenic spots strictly implement the requirements of “reservation, flow restriction, and staggered peaks”. When staying in hotels, homestays and other accommodation places, entering tourist attractions, cultural and sports venues and other closed places with large traffic, it is necessary to check the 72-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate. There are a number of normalized nucleic acid testing points in Hefei urban area that provide free sampling and testing services, which can effectively solve the problem of nucleic acid timeliness for residents.

What are the requirements for gathering at events?

A: Recently, Hefei will no longer accept large-scale conferences, training, exhibitions, cultural performances and other gathering activities in principle, and strengthen the control of gathering activities. Advocate that the general public reduce gatherings, and those who are receiving health monitoring services must not participate in gathering activities. The number of wedding banquets during the National Day holiday has increased significantly, advocating the simplification of new marriages, minimizing the gathering of personnel, and hotel should strictly implement epidemic prevention measures.

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