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Hefei Education Bureau Refutes Rumors

Today, a screenshot of a notice on the resumption of offline teaching in some areas in Hefei on October 27 appeared on the Internet, and major news media immediately contacted the Hefei Education Bureau, which confirmed that this is false information.

Hefei Education Bureau said that at present, primary and secondary schools in Hefei are organizing online teaching in an orderly manner, and at the same time, actively studying and judging preparations for resuming classes in combination with the epidemic prevention and control situation. After the return to school offline teaching time is determined, the Hefei Municipal Education Bureau will announce it to the public in a timely manner through official channels.

The public is reminded to follow official information and not to spread or believe rumors. Those who illegally publish or disseminate false information through online channels, disrupting the order of epidemic prevention and control, education, and teaching, shall be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with law.

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