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China (Hefei) Digital Economy Innovation Summit

Under the guidance of Anhui Provincial Data Resources Management Bureau, hosted by Hefei Municipal People’s Government, Hefei Municipal Data Resources Bureau, Hefei Big Data Asset Operation Co., Ltd., HKUST Guochuang Software Co., Ltd , the opening ceremony and main forum of “China (Hefei) Digital Economy Innovation Summit” organized by HKUST iFlytek Co., Ltd and Beijing Stech Information Technology Co., Ltd, co-organized by Hefei Big Data Industry Party Committee and Anhui Software Industry Association, will be held in Hefei on February 22.

With the theme “New Era of Data, Better New Life,” the summit will be held in the form of “offline + online.” Offline will be compose of the main venue and sub-forums, and the online main forum will be broadcast live. The conference will focus on displaying the advanced scientific and technological achievements and application products in key areas of Hefei’s digital economy in the past five years, and release the “Hefei Digital Economy Industry Development White Paper (2022).”

In addition, the Hefei Flexible Media Platform, which aims to build a phenomenal comprehensive service platform for the Yangtze River Delta and the central region, will also be officially launched at the summit. As a unified service platform for enterprises in the city, “Joint Enterprise” will also be released online simultaneously. “Come together” to integrate search policies, find services, finance funds, seek business opportunities, The eight core services of looking at information, making demands, recruiting talents, and opening the box will be unified through an enterprise legal person data base, and the original decentralized business service system will be unified through a single portal, solving the problems of many enterprises, scattered policies, systems, and mutual incommunication. Enterprise login once, can achieve cross-platform, cross-departmental business.

The sub-forums of the summit is themed on “Marketization of Data Elements” and “Digital Transformation.” We will discuss the acceleration path of data trading platform and scale, the market prospect and the forefront trend of digital transformation and development, share the implementation path of the communication industry, and contribute wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of the digital economy in Anhui and even the whole country.

It is understood that as one of the most influential conferences in the field of digital economy in the Yangtze River Delta, The “Hefei Digital Economy Innovation Summit” has been held for five consecutive years, which has effectively enhanced the reputation of Hefei’s digital economy in China, demonstrated the outstanding achievements of Hefei’s digital economy development, and attracted leading enterprises and industry leaders in the field of digital economy at home and abroad. It has promoted the landing of a number of major landmark digital economy projects, injected new momentum into the development of Anhui’s digital economy, inserted digital wings into the economic and social development of the Yangtze River Delta, and contributed to accelerating the construction of Digital China.

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