Hefei ,Baohe Reports One Positive Case, here is the Trajectory

In the early morning of September 29, one person had abnormal nucleic acid test results in Baohe District and was immediately transferred to a designated hospital for isolation and medical observation. Was later confirmed as positive after review by the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The trajectory of the infected person is as follows:

At 20:50 on September 26, took the K306 train from Lanzhou Station.

At 21:46 on September 27, after arriving at Hefei Railway Station, the test results was negative, walked to Rujia Ruibai Hotel (Hefei Railway Station Branch) at 22:26 and 23:06, checked in at Shaxian Snack Restaurant next to the railway station, and returned to the hotel after shopping at Aike Supermarket at 23:12

On September 28, 9:52, walked from Home Inn (Hefei Railway Station) to Hefei Metro Line 1, took Metro Line 1 to Baohe District Wanda City Station at 10:44, use the station toilet at 10:44, took Metro Line 1 back to Yungu Road Station at 10:51, left Yungu Road at 11:05, walked to Seine Riverside Hotel (Luzhou Avenue Branch), check in at 11:10, and shopped at Lawson Convenience Store near the hotel at 12:09. Returned to the hotel at 12:19 and didnt go out again.

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