Hefei Airport Opens Flights to Luzhou and Lhasa

Hefei Airport recently opened air routes to Luzhou and Lhasa, building an air bridge for economic, trade, cultural and tourism exchanges between Anhui, Sichuan and Tibet.

The Luzhou-Lhasa route is scheduled for every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The outbound flight takes off from Hefei at 06:35, lands at Luzhou Yunlong Airport at 09:10, takes off from Luzhou at 09:55, and arrives Lhasa Gonggar Airport at 12:40.

The return flight takes off from Lhasa at 12:35, and lands at Luzhou at 15:00. leaves Luzhou at 15:50 and arrives Hefei at 18:05. The direct flight from Hefei to Lhasa is carried out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It takes off from Hefei at 07:55 and arrives Lhasa at 12:20. Hefei direct flights to Lhasa fare is about 1500 yuan.

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