Hefei Airport Installs Lighter Recycling Device

Hefei Xinqiao International Airport recently introduced a lighter recycling equipment. The device uses two machines, namely a “recycling machine” and a “pickup machine”, to convert lighters discarded by passengers before boarding into reusable resources.

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This equipment’s lighter “recycling machine” is installed at the security checkpoint on the second floor of the Airport terminal, and the lighter “receiving machine” is at the third door exit on the first floor of the terminal. Before traveling, passengers can scan a QR code on the device or directly click a button on the screen to input the lighter into the device. After arriving at the destination airport, they can the scan a QR code on the device and collect a free lighter .

Even if the lighter is not placed at the departure station, another can be collected for free upon arrival. It is understood that in order to meet safety needs, real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, combustible gases, smoke, etc. inside the equipment is carried out to ensure absolute safety .

The measure of ‘self abandonment before inspection and free collection after arrival’ not only cultivates passengers’ safety awareness of boarding, but also helps them develop a habit of actively handling kindling and reduce safety hazards.


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