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Goodbye, scan code to pay! The arrival of new payment methods,

Goodbye, scan code to pay! The arrival of new payment methods,

With the rapid development of the Internet in China, our society has undergone tremendous changes, among which the most profound thing is that daily consumption and even payment methods have undergone tremendous changes, and new ways have replaced the past cash transactions, bringing great convenience to consumers.

But this payment method has advantages and disadvantages, for example, in recent years, in China’s frequent telecommunications fraud cases, criminals are taking advantage of the convenience of mobile payment.

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In order to reduce and combat crime, the relevant departments of our country have introduced new payment methods, and perhaps the scanning code payment method that people are accustomed to using will become a thing of the past. WeChat and Alipay may have expected this day to come sooner or later, but they did not expect it to come so quickly. And this new payment method is what we are talking about today’s digital yuan.

With its advent, the way people pay has once again changed dramatically. After the emergence of e-commerce and mobile payment in China, there is no doubt that people have changed greatly in both consumption methods and consumption environments. The earliest large-scale promotion is Alipay, and it is precisely after seeing that mobile payment has a broad market, WeChat Pay quickly entered the market and Alipay to compete, because WeChat has a huge user group, so it can come later, even Alipay is difficult to overcome.

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Development to the present, whether in the city or in rural areas, as long as there is a network, mobile payment can allow people to enjoy the convenience brought by technology, as long as the use of mobile phone scanning code can completely complete the transaction, to bring people a lot of convenience, now mobile payment in China in full swing.

However, other developed countries in Europe and the United States have not promoted mobile payment, which makes many people feel very strange, these countries have not promoted mobile payment in China, do they not have such technical conditions? Or do you think mobile payments aren’t convenient enough? Obviously none of this is the cause. After China promoted mobile payment, it was also found that there were many problems, such as telecommunications fraud.

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In addition, mobile payment has great limitations and relies heavily on the network. If there is no network or where the network signal is poor, mobile payment cannot be used. Nowadays, the penetration rate of mobile payment in China has exceeded 90%, and in the case of mobile payment used by all people, many elderly people have to learn how to use it in order to facilitate their lives, even if they have poor acceptance of this new thing.

At this time, the use of cash is becoming less and less, and the current direction of consumption is obviously unfavorable to the future development of our country, and mobile payment is to turn people’s cash into a string of encrypted data. Such a development is unhealthy in the long run. Under such circumstances, the digital yuan came into being. Although it also requires the help of a smartphone to realize the operation of receiving and paying. However, this method is fundamentally different from the previous payment method.

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On the surface, digital yuan and mobile payment seem to have a lot in common, but digital yuan is actually a kind of cash, and its biggest advantage is that the security is very high, even if the payment URL and QR code are risky, it can ensure the security of use. In addition, there is no need to worry about digital yuan leaking personal privacy information, so as to ensure people’s payment security.

In addition, the digital yuan has a great advantage, that is, it can be used in scenarios without a network, which is also impossible for mobile payment. Whether it is in the deep mountains or in the underground garage, you can complete the transaction easily and quickly, and there is no need to worry about whether there is a network. Therefore, compared with the past mobile payment, it has a very huge advantage.

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The data yuan is launched by China’s central bank, not a certain enterprise or individual. Therefore, the security of the use of digital yuan is very guaranteed. In addition, as long as there are illegal crimes, such as fraud, in the process of use, then the digital yuan can quickly lock the information of criminals through the background function. Based on the relevant information, the case-handling personnel can quickly identify the criminal and arrest him.

In the process of using the digital yuan, users do not need to worry about revealing personal privacy, because it is the same as physical cash. Because it has such a huge advantage. So in the future competition will be able to be invincible, in such a situation. The market share of WeChat Pay and Alipay will gradually decrease, and it will eventually come to an end. In fact, WeChat and Alipay have been mentally prepared for this, but they did not expect that this day would come so quickly.

Some people still have certain doubts about the digital yuan. In the past, counterfeit banknotes appeared from time to time in society, and sometimes the technology of criminals could even be fake, so after the launch of the digital yuan, is it possible to encounter such problems? In fact, regarding this problem, as long as consumers use the official genuine digital RMB APP, then the above problems will no longer exist

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