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Friday, April 26, 2019

Georgian Wine :One of the Best in the World

If Georgia is famous for something, it’s definitely for it’s wine If Georgia is famous for something, it’s definitely for it’s wine culture. Georgia ranks second (in terms of volume) in eastern Europe. The wine is most highly prized and Sought after in the region. You will not sit around Georgian sufra (Georgian feast) without bottle of wine. Not to mention the fact that Georgia is officially the oldest wine making country. Researches found World’s oldest wine in 8,000 years old wine jars in Georgia. Even though grapse are harvested all over Georgia, the region that is famous for it is Kakheti (eastern part of the country). One more Georgian drink that you’ll encounter on sufra (Georgian feast) is called Chacha. Its a strong spirit made of the grape residue (pomace) left after making wine. 60-70% This alchocholc drink is definitely not for lightweights.

格鲁吉亚的酿酒传统持续了8000年之久,,许多考古发掘和史实均证明了这一点。当代世界将格鲁吉亚视为葡萄酒的故乡。英语单词wine 据某一版本来看是从格鲁吉亚的“ghvino”派生而来的。值得一提的是,Qvevri 酒的酿造方式于2013年被列入联合国教科文组织的非物质文化遗产名录里。在格鲁吉亚,葡萄有500多个不同的特有品种,从中可生产出最优质的葡萄酒。其中较为特殊和独特的格鲁吉亚葡酒有:萨别拉维、卡斯泰利、格德基玛拉乌里、吉斯卡–措利卡乌里、卡万奇卡拉、 蒂维斯、优莎柯罗琳和奥佳乐诗等。

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