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Fun Friday at Boom Boom Taco

The first HFLive Event (EXPAT FUN FRIDAYS) took place last night at BOOM BOOM TACOS.The Event which saw a handful of Expats of different woks of life was an amazing and fantastic get together .As announced earlier by HFLive orgarnisers ,the night started at about 9:10am with an Expat Live band ushering an evening of unforgettable memories.Most Experts arrived at around 9:30pm with the Event proper just about to kick off.Experts mingled and exchanged through valuable conversation accompanied by light music and about 22:30,the event moved from one of catching up to that of straightup Fun.Each Expert was pleased with a voucher worth 100RMB to garnish their thirst for what ever was on BOOM BOOM’s Menu

The Men’s beer competition took the center stage with four experts dwelling for a bottle of tequila.Next came five elegant ladies vying for a bottle of wine.The Experts ,probably around 70 in number settled back to the main purpose of the evening ,getting to meet new and familiar faces

The HFLive Team and Hefei Connect sincerely thank all Expats and local friends who turned up to make the night a success.The next HFLive Event will be at the Wanda Novotel on the 24th of June.See You there

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