Notarizing Documents in Hefei

1. Notarization is kinda an important aspect of Expat life in Hefei . To understand broadly on Notarization in China as a whole , read this article :


2. Where to Notarize in Hefei
There are several public notaries scattered within the city . You can choose one that’s near you . However some have little experience dealing with Expats , so we recommend Luzhou public notary ( it’s just across from Crowne Plaza ) on Huangshan road.


3. The Cost
Notarization can cost between 500-1000 yuan depending on the document . A public notary is in reality a private lawyer 😂( so that justifies the cost )

4. Certification vs Notarization
Certification is easy and can be done by any translation company . It’s simply a translated copy of your doc ( Hefei Connect provides this service ) . So before taking a trip to a public notary make sure of exactly what is needed . Maybe it’s mere certification . I have seen many Expats go to public notaries for certification 😂