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Flight Attendant & Passenger Thrown to Ceiling ; Turbulence on Shanghai – Beeijing Flight

On July 10, 2023, Air China Flight CA1524 took off from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport as planned, with a destination to Beijing Capital Airport.

At first, everything was normal but after about 1 hour and 30 minutes of flight, the plane suddenly had a slight bump, flight attendants reminded passengers to fasten their seat belts, and the cabin broadcast also issued a reminder of the turbulence of airflow.

While several passengers were going back and forth to the bathroom, the plane continued to jolt slightly, and flight attendants hurried to arrange for passengers to return to their seats and fasten their seat belts. Just as everyone sat down and fastened their seat belts, the plane fell violently again, throwing both a flight attendant and a female passenger to the ceiling. The safety exit notice was smashed, the ceiling kicked open, and both people were injured to varying degrees. There was a sudden sound of fright in the cabin, and many people were terrified and prayed that the plane would land smoothly.

According to a passenger, after several moderate bumps in the plane, it suddenly fell sharply in a short period of time, and the feeling of weightlessness at high altitude was like a roller coaster, which made passengers feel very uneasy with fear.

It is very common for aircraft to encounter turbulent air flow during high-altitude flight, because the high air flow changes a lot, and if wind shear is suddenly encountered during the flight, the aircraft will be affected by wind and can cause a sudden change in flight attitude. Pilots need to judge the impact of wind shear on aircraft flight in a short period of time and make countermeasures to avoid injuries to passengers or aircraft failure caused by aircraft turbulence. Generally, pilots will confirm with the air traffic control in time and choose to change course or ascend and descend altitude to avoid the troposphere.

It is not known whether the bump event of Air China flight CA1524 was caused by thunderstorms, because the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a forecast on the same day, and it was expected that from 7:10 on July 14 to 11:14 on July 8, there will be thunderstorms, gales or hail in some areas in southeast Beijing and other places.

When the plane landed safely, there was a warm applause in the cabin, and many people’s hanging hearts were finally put down. Many netizens said that there is always an inexplicable sense of insecurity when taking a plane, especially when the plane takes off and suddenly climbs off the ground, and the weightlessness that breaks through gravity makes people feel uneasy.

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