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Finally! A University Named after the city , Hefei University Officially Opens

On the morning of January 8th, the unveiling ceremony of Hefei University took place at the Nan Yan Lake campus of Hefei University. This marks the official renaming of “Hefei Institute” to “Hefei University,” initiating a new chapter in the construction of a high-level university.

According to the introduction at the unveiling ceremony, Hefei University is a provincially and municipally co-built public undergraduate institution, with the city as the main administrator. Its predecessor was Hefei United University established in 1980.

In 2002, approved by the Ministry of Education, it merged with Hefei Education College and Hefei Normal School to become Hefei Institute. In 2016, Hefei Institute explicitly set the goal to become “Hefei University.” In 2018, the university entered the first batch of admissions in Anhui Province and was authorized to confer master’s degrees. On November 30, 2023, the Ministry of Education officially approved the renaming of Hefei Institute to Hefei University.

Currently, Hefei University has 15,512 full-time students, 17 teaching units covering 7 major disciplines including engineering, economics, management, liberal arts, science, education, and arts. It offers 76 undergraduate majors, 2 first-level master’s degree authorization points, and 11 professional master’s degree authorization points.

The university has 1,041 full-time teachers, with 35.8% holding a doctoral degree and 46.49% having a senior professional title. The “double-qualified” (teaching and research) percentage is 63.2%.

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