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Family Buries the Wrong Person , ‘Your Grandma is still Here’!

Recently, a piece of bizarre news that an elderly woman in Nanning had resurrected from death, attracted much attention online. A relative of the woman said that 3 days after her mother-in-law was confirmed dead by the hospital, her family received a call, saying that she was still in bed at the hospital, and the person they had buried was the wrong one.

‘Your grandmother is still here,’ We looked at the wristband and the bedside sign, and the names match with hers ‘ explained the hospital.

So How did this Happen?

According to a relative, at time they went to confirm the body, the light in the ward was relatively dim, and the hospital urged her family to sign and complete the procedures quickly amidst a very chaotic scene. The hospital issued a death certificate and a family member signed a document not to perform an autopsy.

At about 0:40 a.m. on December 28, the family returned home with the body, held a three-day funeral, and buried the old woman early on the morning of December 30. Throughout the process, the relative said, the body was placed in an opaque wooden coffin without anyone allowed to see her.

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