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Express parcel delivery service on Subway

Express parcel delivery service on Subway

Multiple subway lines in Beijing will participate in a pilot project to transport express parcels during off-peak hours from Saturday, aiming to reduce road congestion and lower carbon emissions.

Beijing’s urban rail transit network has been expanding in recent years, with 27 lines currently covering a total distance of 807 kilometers, according to Wang Shuling from the Beijing Transport Institute.

The capital handles approximately 15 million express parcels every day, and most are delivered via urban road transportation.

The pioneering project “leverages the surplus capacity of subway systems during off-peak hours,” Wang said. “It is expected to gradually alleviate traffic congestion while lowering carbon emissions.”

To ensure the safe and orderly operations of the pilot lines, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport has stipulated that goods transported must adhere to a catalog of items prohibited on Beijing subways and pass security checks, according to commission official Zhou Yuan.

Participating enterprises have designed reusable express delivery boxes that are compatible with urban rail transit dimensions, and developed dedicated trolleys that can facilitate safe and convenient transportation, Zhou said.

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