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Work with Hefei Connect: Earn Cash & Gain Experience


A Great Opportunity
Hefei connect provides you with an opportunity to work with us and not only earn cash but also get valuable experience in the field of social networking

Benefits of working with Hefei Connect

  1. Get paid cash each month as per your work
  2. Get valuable experience in the field of  social networking and media
  3. Get a free ticket to Hefei Live Events
  4. Get a service letter from Hefei Connect Media Company (After 6 Months)
  5. Get credited for your work

Current ways to Earn Cash (Max/Month)

  1. Sharing posts = 5¥/Post  :You can share a post WEEKLY from Hefei Connect to your WeChat moment ,3 Expat groups and Facebook 
  2. You will also get  = 0.1¥ each time someone clicks on your shared link.To get this you should share the referral link found at the bottom of each post . This is limited to 200 clicks
  3. Write an article :20¥: Send us a non commercial article written by you and related to Expat life in Hefei .Your articles will be credited to your name
  4. Selling Event Tickets = 5¥ Ticket (unlimited ) ; Invite friends to our Events and get paid
  5. Special promotions = (Not fixed) :If your work stands out, then we will require your services on special occasions



To get paid ,you must be amongst our top 10 Members


  1. #1 Noor Arooj 20
  2. #2 Chandler-Geek 1
  3. #3 Hefei Connect 1


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