Driving in Hefei : How to Change Your Foreign License

Driving in Hefei : How to Change Your Foreign License

According to the provisions of China’s Traffic Safety Law,

foreigners driving motor vehicles on China’s roads must hold a valid motor vehicle driving license issued by China’s public security traffic police department, and cannot drive on the road with a foreign driver’s license, even if they are issued by Hong Kong or Macao, they are not allowed to drive vehicles in the mainland.

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There Are 3 Ways

If you hold a foreign driver’s license, you can simply exchange it for a Chinese one. However, if you aren’t in position of a foreign driving permit, then you will have to apply for a driver’s license same as Chinese citizens. There is also a temporary driver’s license for the convenience of foreigners who are on a short-term visit or business trip in China. In this article, we will look at the first case.

Here are the steps to get your license.

1. Documents Needed

(1) Proof of identity of the applicant (passport and valid visa for more than 90 days);

(2) Health certificate issued by a medical institution at or above the county level;

(3) A Chinese translation of the foreign driver’s license.

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2. You need to take a Test

(1) When changing a Chinese driver’s license, applicants need to take the test 1 (You can take it in English);


The first step:

You need your original driver’s license translated by a regular third-party translation agency ( Hefei Connect can officially translate), it does not need to be notarized.

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Step 2:

Go to the physical examination department of any public hospital for physical examination, and get the replacement physical examination form;

Step 3:

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Take your passport, original driver’s license, driver’s license translation (translation and stamped manuscript translated by a qualified translation company), physical examination form, and 3 color photos with a 1-inch white background to the Binhu Vehicle Administration at the intersection of Fangxing Avenue and Susong Road

Step 4:

After arriving at the Binhu Vehicle Management Office, explain at the check-in counter that you are there to change your foreign driver’s license to a domestic one, and the staff will make an appointment for subject 1 after verifying the documents;

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Subject 1 is on traffic laws and basic concepts of vehicles (100 questions) and you are required to score of at least 90 . It is a computer-calculated test, and you will receive the results immediately after submission. After passing the test , your license will be mailed to you within 3 days.

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