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Don’t Worry the Fish You Ate is NOT your Ancestor, Scientist Confirm

The ancestors of mankind were actually a fish! Sounds a little unbelievable, some people wonder, is the fish I just ate my ancestors? In the past, we all knew that the ancestors of humans were apes, so how did they become fish now? What happened? Let’s discuss it from three aspects!

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This research took the team 15 years to find enough evidence to fill a gap in human evolutionary history more than 10 million years ago and has been confirmed that the ancestors of humans were jawfish!

It is not a separate fish, but one with a jaw, including an upper jaw and a chin, which is a very important part of biological evolution. In fact, we are no stranger to jaws, not only humans have jaws, but most large animals, especially vertebrates, do. But the fossil jaw found this time existed in the early Silurian period, 440 million years ago.

We can infer from evolution that life on Earth evolved according to the basic process of single cell to multicellular, from aquatic to terrestrial, from invertebrate to vertebrate.

Now that humans have evolved from terrestrial vertebrates, should apes have had earlier ancestors? Scientists have studied for a long time how the ape-man came about

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The discovery of fossil jawfish explains this problem.

Zhu, an associate researcher at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the jaw fish originally lived in the ocean, and later a branch moved to land, which is a bit similar to the evolution process of fish to reptiles, and amphibians appeared in the middle, such as frogs are a more special group.

Over time, this branch on land slowly evolved into a variety of large vertebrates, of course, not without apes.

SO, the fish you eat is certainly not your ancestor

Strictly speaking, the jawed fish found this time is very close to the common ancestor of today’s fish and humans, this common ancestor looks like a fish, but it has lived for more than 400 million years and is not today’s fish. Therefore, although the fish we eat also has jaws, it is not our ancestors, at most it is our distant relatives, and we can eat with confidence.

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For example, the crucian carp we eat now, a thousand years ago, crucian carp was still a relatively ferocious fish, and then it was domesticated by humans and finally served on the table. Even comparing early humans to crucian carp has gone hand in hand in evolutionary history, and at best they can be described as distant relatives of humans.

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