Do You Travel Often! “High-Speed Railway Monthly Pass” is Here

Do You Travel Often! “High-Speed Railway Monthly Pass” is Here

On June 6, the Ninghang and Beijing-Hong Kong Railways will officially launch two new ticketing systems – a 30-day fixed ticket and 20-time counting ticket. This will provide passengers with more convenient and affordable options for their travel needs.

Both of these tickets are expected to reduce commuter costs while providing more flexibility in scheduling their journeys.

Passengers can purchase this product through the Railway 12306 website and the “Railway 12306” mobile app. Travelers who purchase a 30 day fixed ticket can take a maximum of 60 trains with designated departure and seating positions within a 30 day validity period; Passengers who purchase 20 counting tickets can take a maximum of 20 designated departure and seats within a 90 day validity period.

The regular ticket product is equivalent to a monthly pass, suitable for commuters who must travel between the two cities on weekdays. If the purchaser wants to make the most of the number of trips, they need to take a round-trip train at least every nine days, which is more suitable for people who commute each week.

It is important to note that after purchasing a 30-day fixed ticket and a 20-count ticket, passengers must be able to take the train within 30 days. If you do not take the train within 30 days, the new ticketing system product will automatically expire and a full refund made. The validity period is calculated from the date of the first ride, and Rail Express members can accumulate travel points after purchasing and using the product.

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