Ningbo Spring Festival Rush Hour and Activities

Once again, the Spring Festival travel rush is around.

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Do You have traveling plans?

Different from previous years, there is a new trend in the way people in Ningbo are traveling this spring festival – there is a decrease in chartered cars, and an increase in carpooling and self-driving .

Prediction of Traffic Rush Hour.

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Before the Spring Festival (January 7 to 20), the traffic flow in the urban area is expected to peak from January 10 to 14, and the peak travel on the roads around the bus terminal will be from January 7 to 16. Especially on the two weekends before the holiday, due to the concentrated flow , the peak traffic of major business districts in the urban area will occur at the same time.

Affected by the heavy travel and the high-speed free passage policy during the Spring Festival, it is expected that the high-speed entrances and exits will usher in a wave of small peaks on the evening of January 20.

Ningbo City themed activities to join

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New Year’s Eve lighting show activities: During the Spring and Lantern Festivals, key business districts such as Sanjiangkou and Tianyi Square in Ningbo will hold the “colorful three rivers, gorgeous Ningbo” themed light show.

Museum Exhibition and tour activities Ningbo and Tianyi Ge Museums will hold high-quality exhibitions and jointly plan more than 60 Spring Festival activities; The city and district cultural centers will hold various experiential activities and special exhibitions of Chinese New Year calligraphy and painting;

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