Disney Closed, when will Trapped Tourists be Let Out?

Shanghai Disney Resort issued an important notice stating that, in accordance with epidemic prevention and control requirements, Shanghai Disney Resort (including Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown and Wishing Star Park) has been temporarily closed with effect from Monday, October 31, 2022.


The resumption of operations will be communicated as soon as it is clarified. The resort has established rules for the cancellation and change of relevant tickets.

Some netizens left messages in the comment area asking when tourists trapped inside can come out.

图片[1]-Disney Closed, When will Trapped Tourists be Let Out?

The reply was that the park currently does not allow people to enter or exit, and the current tourists in the park must wait for the negative nucleic acid results before leaving in an orderly manner according to the on-site command. Visitors who were in the park from October 27, are required to undergo three inspections for three days.

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