Discrimination , Woman Refused for a Job due to her Origin

On January 28, in Shanghai,

a woman posted a video explaining how she was told by a recruiting company during an online interview that she would not be employed due to her Yu origin, (Yu is short for Henan People).

图片[1]-Discrimination: Woman Refused for a Job for her Origin

Regional Discrimination

Chat records between the two show that the recruiter initially intended to invite the candidate to the company for a face to face interview, but changed tone refusing to communicate about the salary and other details after noticing the candidate is of Yu origin.

Due to the awkwardness at which the interview was going , the candidate , at one point asked the interviewer if she was just deceiving applicants to increase interview volume . At this instance , the interviewer’s attitude immediately changed, and a clear respond came, “Brand companies need interview volume?” We don’t recruit Yu people. ”

According to the candidate, after she sent her resume,

she received an online interview invitation from the employing firm, which didn’t elaborate on the specific requirements of the position, salary and others, so she went on to inquire , but did not expect the respond she got for her question .

Well , the obviously fed up applicant commented , “the employer’s refusal to recruit Yu people is, in my opinion, regional discrimination and indeed unfair.”

What’s Your Comment , any opinion on this job discrimination practice ?

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