Delivery Companies will Shut Down during Spring Festival ?

Subheading: Contradictory Information Sparks Concerns; Express Giants Reassure Public on Timely Deliveries

On February 1st, a social media post displaying a purported “2024 Express Service Suspension Schedule” for the upcoming Spring Festival caused widespread discussions and debates online. According to the schedule, several major courier services, including YTO Express, ZTO Express, STO Express, and China Post, were set to suspend operations from February 9th to February 12th.

Initial Reports:
The circulating image raised concerns about potential disruptions to deliveries during the crucial Spring Festival period. The post singled out only three companies – SF Express, Deppon Express, and – as the exceptions, claiming they would operate without interruptions during the specified dates.

Official Responses:
Promptly, many courier companies issued official statements on social media platforms, debunking the alleged suspension and reaffirming their commitment to uninterrupted services during the Spring Festival.

  • China Post: China Post assured the public that its express logistics services would remain operational throughout the entire Spring Festival period, from February 10th to February 17th. They encouraged customers to use various channels for service requests, including online platforms and customer service hotlines.
  • STO Express: STO Express responded to the rumors with a playful assertion that they would not take a break unless the universe explodes. They confirmed nationwide service availability during the Spring Festival from February 7th to February 12th.
  • YTO Express: YTO Express announced that it would activate its Spring Festival operation mode from February 8th to February 13th, with a commitment to ensuring smooth services through strategic resource allocation.
  • ZTO Express: ZTO Express declared that, except for certain remote areas, normal pickup and delivery services would be provided during the Spring Festival from February 8th to February 13th.
  • JD Logistics: JD Logistics, as a major player in e-commerce logistics, expressed its dedication to maintaining robust services during the Spring Festival. However, they acknowledged potential adjustments to pricing due to increased demand and logistical challenges.

Regulatory Impact:
Express companies highlighted that they might implement resource adjustment fees during peak periods, taking into account factors such as market estimations, high traffic, and resource scheduling challenges. This move aims to ensure the continuous and efficient provision of services amid heightened demand.

As China approaches the Spring Festival, the clarification from major express delivery companies aims to alleviate concerns among the public regarding potential disruptions to logistics services. The contradictory information initially shared online emphasizes the importance of accurate and timely communication to maintain consumer trust and confidence.

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