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Crazy Or Creative ! People are Now Selling Snow in Chengdu

Chengdu, a city known for its picturesque landscapes, is experiencing a unique winter phenomenon – the sale of handmade snowmen. Blanketing the city in a layer of silver, these winter spirits have become a distinctive addition to Chengdu’s streets.

图片[1]-Crazy Or Creative ! People are Now Selling Snow in Chengdu

A middle-aged man on Longquan Mountain has set up a small stall featuring a variety of creatively crafted snowmen. Despite their simple designs, these snowmen exude a winter charm that captivates passersby. Adorned with hats, scarves, and cheerful expressions, they seem to tell tales of winter.

The man shared that each snowman is meticulously crafted by him. Rising early, braving the cold wind, he searches for suitable snow piles on the mountain. With his hands, shovel, and a small knife, he sculpts these snowmen bit by bit. Priced at 20 yuan each, he emphasizes the effort put into their creation.

图片[2]-Crazy Or Creative ! People are Now Selling Snow in Chengdu

This affordable price has attracted citizens eager to own a unique winter keepsake. One passerby expressed, “These snowmen are adorable and represent Chengdu’s charm. I plan to buy one for my desk, bringing the winter atmosphere into my daily life.”

As time passes, more citizens flock to the stall, choosing their favorite snowmen. Beyond mere decorations, these snowmen become emotional symbols, witnessing the delightful encounters between Chengdu residents and winter. They transform into heartwarming scenes in this season.

Apart from the stall on Longquan Mountain, similar snowman-selling scenes have emerged throughout Chengdu. With diverse styles, from endearing to intricately cute, these snowmen bring small surprises to people’s winter days. Residents agree that these snowmen add fun and warmth to Chengdu’s winter.

This winter’s snow hasn’t disappeared silently; instead, Chengdu residents have given it new life and meaning. These charming snowmen have become a unique streetscape, radiating the magic of winter and spreading a sense of joy and warmth throughout the city.

Beyond a commercial venture, the phenomenon of selling snowmen reflects a cultural legacy and emotional exchange. It evokes memories of joyful childhood moments and instills a sense of romance and coziness during winter. These snowmen serve as bridges for emotional connections and shared happiness, creating beautiful memories in this winter season.

The trend of selling snowmen not only highlights the beauty and hope in life but also encourages people to appreciate the goodness around them. In a rapidly changing era, where life’s pace accelerates, the appearance of snowmen prompts individuals to pause, savor the winter ambiance, and reassess their lives and values.

In this challenging yet opportunistic age, the snowman craze brings a positive energy. It reminds people of the beauty and hope within life, urging them to cherish loved ones and friends. It instills the belief that despite life’s fluctuations, joy and happiness can always be found.

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