Little Monsters

1. What do you think was the scarecrow’s favorite part of living in the field?

2. If you were the scarecrow, how would you have felt when the crows were stealing your straw?

3. Why do you think the mice decided to help the scarecrow?

4. How did the scarecrow and the mice work together to scare away the crows?

5. Do you think the scarecrow made the right choice by offering the mice a home in his pockets? Why or why not?

6. What other animals do you think might live in the field with the scarecrow and the mice?

7. If you were one of the crows, what would you have done differently to get the scarecrow’s straw?

8. How do you think the scarecrow and the mice spent their time together after the crows were gone?

9. If you were a farmer, what would you do to protect your crops from birds like crows?

10. What lesson do you think we can learn from the story of the scarecrow and the mice?

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