Hefei Tells Local Businesses to Go Abroad and Grab Orders!

On February 4, Hefei Municipal People’s Government issued a nine-policy measure to restore confidence and boost the local economy. One of the policies, encourages local businesses to go abroad and grab foreign markets. Lets briefly have a look at the measures.

图片[1]-Hefei Tells Companies to Go Abroad and Grab Orders!
  1. Support the upstream and downstream coordination of industrial and supply chains.
  2. Encourage construction enterprises to resume work and production as soon as possible.
  3. Promote the consumption of new energy vehicles.
  4. Support enterprises to go overseas and promote cooperation.
  5. Broaden market channels of cultural tourism enterprises.
  6. Plan and launch a series of “Meet Hefei” activities.
  7. Support the landing of new technologies, new products and new projects.
  8. Vigorously promote employment in Hefei.
  9. Create a good corporate environment atmosphere.
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