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China to Lift both Entry and Exit Boarder Restrictions

China to Lift both Entry and Exit Boarder Restrictions

China’s State Council recently issued new measures proposing to optimize the management of personnel exchanges between China and other countries. Tourists who come to China can take a nucleic acid test 48 hours before departure, and those with negative results can travel without applying for any health code from Chinese embassies and consulates. If positive, the person concerned should postpone their visit until after turning negative.

Nucleic acid testing and centralized isolation after entry will be canceled for all. If the health declaration is normal and there is no abnormality in routine quarantine at customs, the person may be released to the public.

Measures to control the number of international passenger flights such as “Five Ones” and load factor restrictions will also be canceled. All airlines are required to continue taking precautions on board and passengers have to wear masks when flying.

Foreigners coming to China for the purpose of work ,business, studies, visiting relatives, and family reunion will be further optimized and visa facilitated . Passenger transport and entry and exit at water and land ports will gradually be stabilized. In accordance with the international epidemic situation and the service guarantee capacity of all aspects, the outbound tourism of Chinese citizens will be resumed in an orderly manner

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