China Orders Delivery Companies to Shutdown; Rumor Refuted

Recently, there were rumors on the Internet that “due to the epidemic, the state requires the express delivery industry to start closing around January 8”. However, several courier companies in Shanghai, such as ZTO, YTO and SF, replied that at present, their offices and outlets have not received any notice related to this, and there are no plans to close or take an early holiday.

According to one delivery industry analyst, such comments should come from some people who “use the suspension of delivery at the end of the year as an excuse to entice consumers to place a purchase.” A similar pattern occurs almost every year. In the network information, there are similar prompts, such as “please prepare in advance” and “please prepare in advance.”

The Shanghai rumor refuting platform also found that the latest notice issued by the relevant state departments is not “successively suspended business,” but “further unimpeded.” – On December 15, the Office of the Leading Group of the State Council for Logistics, Insurance and Smooth Transportation issued the Notice on Further Unblocking Postal Express Service to Ensure the Transportation of Materials for the People’s Livelihood (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”). The “Notice” clearly pointed out that the working mechanism of logistics insurance in all regions should make every effort to get through the blocking points of postal express delivery. To strengthen the guidance of local postal administrations and related departments, Coordinate and mobilize all resources, refine various measures, scientifically and accurately ensure the smooth operation of postal express delivery.

The notice also specifically mentions, “For the postal express business outlets that have been shutdown to open; For postal express delivery employees who meet the requirements of epidemic prevention, they should return to work as soon as possible. It is necessary to strengthen support for postal express delivery companies, coordinate human resources in combination with the current epidemic situation, and help postal express delivery companies supplement front-line collection and delivery manpower.”

It can be seen that the “national notice” is not the suspension of express delivery, but to speed up the flow.

So, why do consumers still reflect that the scope and timeliness of express delivery services have changed recently: express delivery in some areas can not be sent out, and some areas can not be delivered? In terms of specific cases, it is true that some regions and some outlets are temporarily unable to serve due to the epidemic, not that express delivery companies are unwilling to serve.

In Shanghai, some express delivery companies said that due to the impact of the epidemic, there have been couriers and staff due to “positive” rest, and at the same time, superimposed on the peak of the peak season of the end of the year, express delivery companies have a certain amount of capacity tension, which has delayed the delivery time. However, all express delivery companies said that the current situation is controllable and there is no closure.

The person in charge of Zhongtong Express said that from the data and operation, Shanghai Zhongtong’s express delivery capacity is stable as a whole. In the face of the possible peak infection, they have helped the epidemic network to restore production capacity and ensure the smooth delivery channels by setting up a special group for the peak season, setting up a support fund, strengthening the recruitment of personnel, deploying the capacity of all parties, and increasing safety and security.

Reporters also noted that some express outlets are recruiting temporary workers, expediting the processing of some backlog of express delivery. Some express delivery companies have even opened the “night pie” mode to extend the night delivery time.

In cases where the delivery limitation may be extended, the notice also recommends that the public be more inclusive, understand and support the possible delay in the delivery service. At the same time, call on all walks of life to strengthen the care and care of postal express workers, give priority to the first-line employees to provide N95 masks, disinfectants, antigen detection reagents, COVID-19 treatment drugs and other epidemic prevention items, and effectively protect the health of employees.

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