China Connect Documentation

What is China Connect

China Connect is a social media platform for Expats in China. It’s a legally registered business entity with the primary goal of profitability through expansion. China Connect drives to expand to as many Chinese major cities as possible. The head office and birthplace are in Hefei.

Platform Categories

City News: These are news stories that are Expat related to some extent. The news is posted at least daily by the city representative. The purpose of these is to build and maintain Expat’s attention to the platform. The news is reviewed by the China Connect head office before publishing. This news item is distributed to the city groups by the city rep immediately after publishing.

Public Questions

Public questions are general issues relating to Expats’ problems in the city. They can be posted either by users or the city office. However, the city office will post 2 Q&A each week. This post should be detailed, and Expat related. The city rep will also answer every open questions from users within 24 hours. All Q&A will be push out to all Connect users via push message alert.

Private Questions

Private questions are asked by users directly to the city rep. All private questions are charged 88Yuan . Users pay with Connect coins