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Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park Free Tickets for Kids

Ticket introduction

1. The fee includes the “Ocean Park + Leqi Ice and Snow Park” ticket, applicable to children born after 2010 (inclusive).

3. Tickets are not available on the day of placing the order, can be used on any day after the order is successfully placed until October 7, 2022, and can only be used once to enter the park. This ticket cannot be used with Annual Pass / Poker / Game Ticket / Team / Free / Family Package, etc., cannot be used alone, must be accompanied by the adult. You can enter the park 1 hour before the closing time, subject to on-site announcements.

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4. The promissory ticket does not include the rent of self-financing items such as winter protection clothing in the park, and children under 2 years old and the elderly over 60 years old are not recommended to enter the ice and snow park.

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