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Friday, April 26, 2019


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Oct 27 :Fantastic Halloween Party Set For Wanda Novotel

Wanda Novotel is putting up an exceptional Halloween party determined to give attendees the best of entertainment.Themed as Hefei’s only wickedly “fang-tastic” and frighteningly...

Oct 28 :Freakishly Frighteningly Scary Expat Halloween Party at Mammoth

It’s that time of the year again, Halloween is around the corner.That means one of our favourite party of the year is up and...

This Friday,Oct 26-Expat Fun Friday at Shanguo Pub

HFLive Fun Friday this week is schedule at an awesome joint located at the IFC building ,opposite to Anhui Medical University.Join other Expats again...

NOV 11:The Big Day -White Monkeys-Hefei Connect-BRG Party at Friends Ba

NOVEMBER 11TH, 11/11⚡️ Friends bar presents live in concert “WHITE MONKEYS” for one night only in cooperation with BRG and HEFEI CONNECT after marathon party...

NOV 23:HFLive at Madison Bar

This Friday HFLIVE is hosting the weekly expats fun Friday at Madison bar starting from 9 pm. Join us and meet the other expats...

Hefei Connect Top Winners

Hefei Connect appreciates and gives back to our active users.Keep up the good work,you might just be the next winner


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