Boy Dies after Raising his hands 7 times in Class

Recently, a parent posted online that in November 2020, his 8-year-old son, felt unwell during a primary school class in Gulou District, Fuzhou City, and raised his hand seven times in 10 minutes, but was ignored by the teacher .

After the class, the teacher helped the kid downstairs but the boy fell as he went down . However , the school still didn’t get him any emergency help until his father arrived and called 120 to take him to the hospital. The kid passed away after being in a deep coma.

The parents of the student believe that the school and classroom teacher failed to take timely and effective measures to prevent the tragedy and are responsible for the boy’s death, and questioned the school’s hiding of complete monitoring.

In a trial , the court ruled that the school should bear 20% responsibility , but the parents are dissatisfied with the decision and have appealed.

As of now , neither the teacher nor the school involved has given any response. The local education department said that “we need to wait for the results of the second trial.”

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