Benefits of student work placements

Questions 1-6
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Choose the correct letter; A, B or C.
1    Why is Matthew considering a student work placement?
A He was informed about an interesting vacancy.
B He needs some extra income.
C He wants to try out a career option.

2    Which part of the application process did Linda find most interesting?
A The psychometric test.
B The group activity.
C The individual task.

3    During her work placement, Linda helped find ways to
A speed up car assembly.
B process waste materials.
C calculate the cost of design faults.

4    Why did Linda find her work placement tiring?
A She wasn’t used to full-time work.
B The working hours were very long.
C She felt she had to prove her worth.

5    What did Linda’s employers give her formal feedback on?
A engineering ability
B organisational skills
C team working

6    What was the main benefit of Linda’s work placement?
A Improved academic skills.
B An offer of work.
C The opportunity to use new software.

Questions 7-10
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What does Linda think about the books on Matthew’s reading list?
Choose FOUR answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-F, next to questions 7-10.
7      The Science of Materials
8       Materials Engineering
9       Engineering Basics
10      Evolution of Materials

A helpful illustrations
B easy to understand
C up-to-date
D comprehensive
E specialised
F useful case studies

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