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Beekeepers around Hefei


Over the past few days, the temperature in Hefei has gradually increased, and the landscape of rapeseed blossom in Feidong has attracted many beekeepers to camp. Two brothers , Zhou Jingxian and Zhou Yongxian , have been busy sorting out beehives in the sunshine, with swarms of bees buzzing in their ears.

Over the years, the brothers moved once a month on average to where flowers blossom, living in simple tents as their home .

Zhou Yongxian, 34, and Zhou Jingxian, 31, who came from Jiangxi Province, went out with their parents to raise bees from an early age. They are the third generation of beekeepers in their family. The brothers have been keeping bees for more than ten years from their predecessors. They go out every spring and come home at the end of the year. In recent years, they come to Hefei every March and April to collect rape nectar.

“Anhui is our first stop. We mainly collect rape nectar. Then we will go north to Shandong and Shaanxi to collect locust nectar and continue to the northeast. Every year, from south to north, we travel through more than half of China.” Zhou Jingxian said.

We have been accustomed to this kind of vagrant life. Zhou Jingxian said, “Nowadays, our parents help us to take care of our children at home, which also makes us less worried about our kids future.”


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