Are these the Best Hotels in Xiangshan Ningbo ? Listed for Asian Games

On the afternoon of February 10, the official reception hotel selection of Ningbo Xiangshan Division of the Hangzhou 10 Asian Games was held at Sheraton Ningbo Xiangshan Greentown Resort Hotel. Fifteen high-quality hotels from the Xiangshan area took the stage in turn, showcasing their elegance in providing excellent service


The Hangzhou Asian Games sailing and beach volleyball will be held in Xiangshan, Ningbo from September 2023 to October 9, 19.

In the selection event, 15 hotels showed their elegance through singing, dancing, skits, foreign languages, etiquette, cooking, short videos and other forms, displaying their hotel characteristics to the fullest. In addition, a skills competition was set up on site, and a staff member was assigned to each hotel to demonstrate the skills of napkin folding. At the same time, during the intermission, there was a Q&A session on the knowledge of the Asian Games. The audience actively participated in the competition and gained a better understanding of the concept, mascot, competition items and other knowledge of the Hangzhou Asian Games.


Crowne Plaza Ningbo Xiangshan Seaview Hotel, Xiangshan Banbian Mountain Observation Hall, Sheraton Ningbo Xiangshan Greentown Resort, Ningbo Workers’ Sanatorium Banshan Resort, Radisson Blu Xiangshan Gold Coast Hotel, Ningbo Songlanshan Seaview Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel, Xiangshan Seahawk Hotel, and Yaduo Hotel Ningbo Xiangshan Binhai Avenue are the 8 hotels selected as the official reception hotels of the Asian Games.


It is understood that after the event, the 8 shortlisted hotels will also go through expert review, Asian organizing committee review and other aspects, and finally three will be selected for the reception of 4 categories of people, namely athletes, officials and media.

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