Anhui’s First Otolaryngology Treatment Center Opens In Hefei


Anhui Province’s first Otolaryngology Diagnosis and Treatment Center officially opened today April 14 at the second provincial hospital .In recent years, children’s hearing loss caused by otitis media has been  more frequent. Many parents believe that this is a minor disease and do not pay enough attention to it. However, if it occurs frequently, it may lead to a decline in a child’s  hearing, seriously affecting their physical and mental health. 。

In addition , it was found that the incidence of otosclerosis and sudden deafness has also increased. The ratio of male to female incidence of otosclerosis is 1:2 and it’s especially prone to women who have given birth . Patients with otosclerosis are particularly sensitive to sound. Early symptoms include speaking softly and listening more clearly in noisy environment. If there are these symptoms, we must improve them. Be vigilant and see a doctor as soon as possible.

It is understood that patients with needs for diagnosis and treatment can now go to the outpatient clinic of the Anhui provincial second hospital to make appointments. The otorhinolaryngology Department of the hospital , will carry out pre-screening, and refer  patients for treatment by experts from Shanghai.

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