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Anhui University Adds 4 New “Key “ Undergraduate Majors


Anhui University has added four new undergraduate majors, namely Internet Finance, Data Science Technology, Intelligent Science and Technology, and Network Space Security.

The Internet Finance major aims to train interdisciplinary, complex and high-end Internet financial talents, and to promote the perfect combination of information technology, Internet thinking, finance and enterprise management.

The major of data science and  technology aims at  trainning high-level talents using analytical application technology.

Intelligent science and technology is a basic undergraduate specialty facing advanced high-tech. It involves robotics, intelligent systems based on new generation network computing, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), various intelligent technologies and systems closely related to national economy, industrial production and daily life, and new generation of machine systems.

The Cyberspace Security profession is committed to fostering the “Internet +” era, which has strong engineering practice ability to support and lead national cyberspace security fields .The system grasps the basic theories and key technologies of Cyberspace Security, and can engage in the development and design of software and hardware related to all kinds of cyberspace in the security industry and other national economic sectors.


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