Anhui Man Flies Daughter Home on 2-Seater Plane

On January 30th, an intriguing and unconventional scene unfolded in Liuan City, Anhui, as Mr. Wang, a seasoned flight instructor, piloted a small fixed-wing aircraft to bring his 7-year-old daughter home for the upcoming Spring Festival. The unique journey captured the attention of social media users after a video was shared on various platforms.

The aircraft, a two-seater, had the necessary luggage stowed in the rear compartment. The flight, covering a distance from Liuan City to Lixin County, took approximately 50 minutes, significantly faster than the usual three-hour car journey. This choice of travel aligns with Mr. Wang’s profession as a flight instructor, where he regularly uses airplanes for commuting, especially during festive seasons.

Mr. Wang highlighted the necessity of advance notification to aviation authorities, ensuring a conflict-free flight path. The specific route from Liuan to Lixin being a fixed one, the process involves notifying relevant authorities a few hours before takeoff.

Social media users expressed their admiration for this distinctive approach to holiday travel. Comments such as “My childhood dream was to pilot a helicopter back to the countryside” and “No traffic jams when flying back with an airplane” showcased the novelty and envy surrounding Mr. Wang’s unconventional journey.

Addressing concerns about the safety of flying with a young child, Mr. Wang assured the public that his daughter has been accustomed to flying since her kindergarten days. The flight was reportedly smooth, with the child even taking a nap during the journey. Mr. Wang explained that while aviation regulations stipulate a minimum age of 17 for obtaining a pilot’s license, there are no age restrictions for experiencing flight, provided the individual’s health permits.

Mrs. Bao, Mr. Wang’s wife, further reassured the public, emphasizing her husband’s extensive experience and qualifications as a flight instructor. Their daughter’s robust health and enthusiasm for flying also contributed to her confidence in the safety of the unique travel arrangement.

In summary, Mr. Wang’s unconventional journey home for the Spring Festival, combining his passion for flying with family travel, has not only garnered attention on social media but also sparked conversations about the practicality and uniqueness of using small aircraft for holiday commuting.

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