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Anhui gasoline Price Increase

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It is learned from the Anhui Province Development and Reform Commission that a fourth adjustment of oil prices for this year will take effect as from midnight of Feb .28.

After this oil price change , 89 gasoline will be 6.50 yuan per litre, up 0.2 yuan; 6.95yuan per litre for No. 92 gasoline, up 0.22 yuan; 7.45yuan per litre for No. 95 petrol, up 0.23 yuan. 6.64yuan per litre for No. 0 diesel and 7.04yuan per litre for No. 10 diesel. This represents an increase of $0.22 and $0.24 respectively.

Based on the 50L fuel tank capacity of the ordinary private car, it will require 11 yuan more than previous to fill up the tank after the price adjustment.