All Outdoor Amusement Facilities in Hefei are Temporarily Suspended

As of 5 o’clock on May 3, all outdoor amusement facilities in Hefei’s scenic spots have been suspended in response to heavy rainfall weather forecast.

It is reported that the Hefei Municipal Cultural and Tourism Department sent a supervision team to key scenic spots to supervise the implementation of response measures, A-level tourist attractions took the initiative to carry out safety hazard investigation, Sunac Park Scenic Area, Xiangyuan Flower World Scenic Area, Yangtze River 180 Scenic Area, etc. launched plans to actively close outdoor amusement facilities, stop the operation of outdoor amusement projects and make an announcement at the entrance to the park.

At present, all counties, municipalities, development zones, meteorology, transportation, public security, water affairs, construction, emergency response, cultural tourism and other departments of the city are working to comprehensively cooperate to release latest news to the public at any time.

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