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7 Supermarkets to Buy Imported Items in Hefei

7 Supermarkets to Buy Imported Items in Hefei

Ole’ Boutique Supermarket

This supermarket is located in the underground of MixC at the intersection of Qianshan Road and Xiyou Road in Shushan District.

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The shop handles nearly 20,000 items, with imported goods accounting for about 70%-80% of the total merchandise. Food is the main focus, non-food is complementary, followed by fresh food, from organic vegetables to seasonings, sauces, and frozen foods imported from various countries.


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Bread and dessert: The bread at this supermarket is even better than that of professional bakeries! There are many types, from Japanese soybean and pineapple bread to European croissants and Danish bread.

Fresh: Japanese Okinawan tuna, Australian grade 9 wagyu, Hokkaido hairy crabs and imported oysters can be tasted on site…

Red wine: More than 500 premium wines from around the world; France, Australia, the United States, Chile, Italy, Spain and more can be found here.

Snacks: They sell imported chocolate, delicious and tempting cookies and candy snacks from all over the world


D.I.G imported goods supermarket

Area D, 1st Floor, Element Market, No. 2588 Nanjing Road, Binhu District

More than 20,000 imported goods such as seafood, fruits, alcohol, milk powder, diapers, etc., are all from the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Overall, food in supermarkets accounts for 80% of the area. Sales of seafood, red wine, maternal and baby products, and imported fruits are booming, followed by the popularity of daily necessities.

Recommended products

Fresh: There are many varieties and more complete things! A king crab costs only 300 yuan! Australian Angus beef sirloin is only 52 yuan.

Red wine: Most of the imported red wines here come from France, South Africa, Australia and other world-renowned wine producing areas, including red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, etc., for customers to choose. From tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars.

Daily: I like to be friends with people who love cleanliness the most! People who love cleanliness also love to be friends with D.I.G! Because there are nearly a hundred cleaners here! Toilet washing, kitchen cleaning, de-stale … All kinds of cleaning helpers are here!

Snacks: For foodies, D.I.G. is an absolute paradise! What pet celebrity milk chocolate, the “Rolls-Royce” Gallery in chocolate, and the famous fruit candy in Germany are very recommended. Good coffee too!

Mother and baby: Although the price is not superior, but rest assured! BAMBO Natural Series Baby Diapers, Only 198 RMB! Imported LEGO brick sets only cost 99 yuan!


No. 90, Meiling Avenue, the intersection of South Second Ring Road and Huizhou Avenue, Baohe District

METRO generally provides annual passes for enterprises and purchases the most cost-effective supermarket for employee benefits, which is large and cheap. There are two floors, large area, east and west, and more imported goods. It is very cost-effective to buy in large quantities, so there are often families who drive cars to buy in large quantities.

Recommended products

Frozen food: There is a cold storage room big enough to look like a basketball court, and the air conditioning inside is enough to freeze to death without wearing a cotton jacket! There are many varieties and fresh, and things like dairy vacuum-packed cooked food are also placed here.

Kitchen ingredients: egg tart base, bacon, hamburger steak, ham, pizza, including light cream, cheese and other ingredients These things are very complete, basically all kinds of ingredients to be used in the kitchen are here, are all large packages. If you’re a culinary lover, don’t miss METRO’s variety of spices!

Outdoor products: Outdoor barbecue utensils, ovens, tents, sleeping bags, air cushions and other brands and quality are good.




BHG Boutique Supermarket is quite big! Look at its entry into the capitalized Gao Cold Yintai Center~~ More than 65% of the imported products in tens of thousands of goods are high-end daily necessities in Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries~~ Such a tone BHG is more compatible with Yintai Center!

Recommended products

Red wine: The red wine constant temperature wine cellar here has a variety of red wine brands, bringing together the world’s major wineries famous wines, hundreds of yuan to 80,000 red wines can be selected.

Kitchen ingredients: cheese, light cream, condensed milk, cheese slices, cheese grated cheese are all here, all of them are daily clothes, and the amount will not be bought at one time. Some ingredients are not imported but are also very good, recommend the Haiba crab meat stick.

Beauty: There are many beauty gadgets from Japan, a beauty country, with a large variety and a complete range, and the price is cheaper than buying in Japan~~ online shopping can go away~~

Fresh: Australian beef, Danish cheese… Everything you need, you can find all kinds of fresh ingredients here.

Fruits: Fruits are very fresh, durian and dragon fruit are recommended, high quality and high price, and the packaged gift boxes are generally exquisite and fresh. Nearly 300 pieces of yellow cherries per pound have only been seen here.

Hefei Import Commodities Direct Sales Center

1 km east of the intersection of Qinglongtan Road and Yungu Road in Kai District

Imported foreign wine, maternal and child products, daily chemical products, fresh fruits… You can find everything you can think of. Food can be 10%-20% cheaper than online shopping, and some European wines can be sold 40%-50% cheaper than those sold outside the free trade zone.

Recommended products

Milk powder: Infant milk powder no longer has to find a daigou, the price here is cheaper than daigou. World-renowned brands German Teferfen and German HIPP can be found here at all stages, and mothers can rest assured now!

Diapers: Kao diapers, other supermarkets in Hefei need more than 170 pieces, here only more than 130.

Skin care daily chemicals: A variety of star masks from Taiwan, as well as skin care products from beauty countries Japan and South Korea, as well as some highly rated European and American brands, can make you become a goddess in minutes. Naris, Rossom, Morita cosmeceuticals and other brands, the series is quite complete, low-priced and genuine, can be called the most cost-effective!

Red wine: Buy real imported foreign wine at the lowest price.

Korean Lotus Life Museum

3rd floor of Ginza Famous Center of 100 Drum Towers

Anhui’s first chain store of pure Korean imported goods, the main brand is “Korean Wave”. Korea is delicious, fun, easy to use, and some skin care products, accessories, household and daily necessities, in short, the most fashionable Korean goods!

Recommended products

Skin care products: South Korea as a beauty country, skin care products are affordable and easy to use, magical zebra oil, aloe vera gel, all kinds of masks, can be found here, and guaranteed to be genuine ~~ no need to buy or go to duty-free shops anymore.

Korean Kimchi: Locally made kimchi always tastes so bad. There are authentic Korean kimchi here~~

Korean home accessories: Korean home accessories generally have a very ingenious design, full of fashion sense ~~ many are still the same Korean drama Oh ~ ~

Enjoy on the sofa

The middle section of the 1st floor of Baohe Wanda King Street, Baohe District

Room 122, No. 56, Wuhu Road, Baohe District

Huafu Junyuan Commercial Street, Wangjiang West Road, Shushan District

At the entrance of Gate 3 of Baoye Dongcheng Plaza, Yaohai District

No. 316, Qianshan Road, Shushan District, No. 2, No. 3, No. 3, Apartment Building, No. 3, Xinhua Financial Plaza, No. 102

Hefei’s first high-end imported food chain store, 100% of the goods are food, bringing together more than 2,000 carefully selected delicacies from around the world, mainly imported snacks, supplemented by domestic snacks, and wines filled by French estates. Each snack is tested for taste before being put on the shelves to ensure that it is a snack that meets the taste of Chinese people.

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