The most beautiful stargazing spots in Hefei are mountains and lakes far away from the city , where the pollution is light, and you can camp. This articles introduces 6 stargazing spots in Hefei, let’s have a look!


Zipeng Mountain is far away from Hefei, so it is quiet and the air is good. Watching the stars in Zipeng Mountain is very quiet, and you feel like the universe belongs to you alone only to you . 


Daishan Lake is 57 kilometers away from Hefei City and located in Feidong County. Because of it’s far distance from the city and surrounded by agricultural fields , it has not been polluted, giving people a pure and natural intimacy. Take a tent and camp on the beach, enjoy the beautiful scenery of Daishan Lake, watch the wonderful stars at night, and welcome the first ray of sunshine in Hefei.


The best place to camp is at the top of Dashushan Mountain. You can count the stars , see the moon light , and watch the sunrise in the morning. “Shushan Spring Dawn” is one of the famous “Hefei Ten Sights.” In Dashushan Mountain . See the mountains Yunjuanyunshu, view the flowers bloom in the forest, and let the clear streams run happily into the distance, unconsciously, as if entering the realm of detachment.


Yefu Mountain is the highest peak in Hefei with more than 300 meters above sea level. There are buses from Lujiang County to Yefu Mountain. Every year, Yefu Mountain will hold “Yefu Mountain Outdoor Music Tent Festival.” At that time, the tent camping meeting will be a charming resort of night. Under the moonlight and the stars, a tent will be set up to talk with loved ones and children, and watch the stars!


Chaohu Lake is famous for its beautiful and beautiful scenery. It is known as “Eight Hundred Miles of Lake Sky.” There are no factories and pollution around, here is the brightest place to see the stars, in the vast lake, there is no light, no Ge Yu, the stars are long, floating on the sea with the waves swaying back and forth, the heart is as gentle as silk.

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