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4,303 Technology-based SMEs in Anhui Shortlisted for the Database in 2018


On January 30, we learned from the Department of Science and Technology of Anhui Province that the 11th batch of technology-based SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) was announced recently. In 2018, 4,303 enterprises of Anhui Province were on the list, ranking 10th in China.

Among the 4,303 enterprises, 20 won national level science and technology awards, 258 formulated national or industrial standards, 357 established R&D institutions at provincial or ministerial level and above, and 2,051 were high-tech enterprises. A total of 7,215 Category I intellectual property rights and 34,738 Category II ones were obtained. In addition, 3,080 out of the 4,303 enterprises enjoyed the policy of 75% pre-tax weighted deduction for their R&D expenses in 2017, with the amount of weighted deduction reaching RMB 4.067 billion.

Technology-based SMEs feature high R&D investment, high risk, and high growth rate. In 2017, to intensify accurate support for these enterprises and help them develop, three ministries including the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the Evaluation Methods for Technology-based SMEs and established the “National Information Database for Technology-based SMEs”, aiming to help companies with R&D project management and R&D expenditure collection, as well as to lay a foundation for developing high-tech enterprises. With the earnest implementation of the methods, the extensive publicity for the policy, the establishment and improvement of institutions, and the perfection of related mechanism, the evaluation work for technology-based SMEs in 2018 has seen impressive results.

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