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Night check-in route NO.1

Buri Hill Tianjie → Hefei Ecological Park


Route guidance

First take Metro Line 1, get off at Xinghuayuan Station, ride or walk to Buri Mountain Tianjie, and stroll to Hefei Ecological Park after playing.


With the theme of dining to create a food complex, this is simply a late-night paradise in the old town! As a food gathering place, there are many ultra-authentic Korean restaurants here! Of course, there are also many specialty food shops.


When night falls, there is also a night market to visit, and the stalls lined up on the block are dazzling with fried skewers, oden, cold powder, dough, and fruit. Not only is it delicious, but there are also various handicrafts, flowers, etc. in the night market, so it’s really nice to visit the night market after eating!


Living in the steel jungle of the city, people are always eager to get close to nature, get close to nature, consume food after meals, come to the ecological park is really a good choice, as an open park, you can also take your dog to walk around!

The park also has many facilities such as open-air camps, roller skating rinks, children’s amusement parks, and Diaoyu Islands, where you can go ice skating with your partners, invite anglers to go night fishing, or wear headphones and blow the evening breeze for a night run.

Night check-in route NO.2

Xian Street → Shaoquan Lake Wetland Park


Route guidance

Take bus 301/303/304 and get off at Ansheowai Station, or take bus 302/681 to get off at Anzhengyuan to reach Xiangjie, and after playing, you can take a taxi or ride at least Tsuen Wu Wetland Park.


It has been said that architecture is cold and only when it is endowed with cultural and historical connotations will there be temperature. As a “Hefei Science and Education Culture Characteristic Block”, Xian Street deeply explores the history and culture of the mill area and highlights the characteristics of science and education and humanities.


Located in the middle of major universities, the night here is also a paradise for college students to shop and have fun! There is a cultural and food display area where famous snacks from all over the country and time-honored restaurants in Anhui Province are gathered, and there is a water street for leisure check-in. In the summer night, eating and drinking, strolling through Luzhou Academy and Science and Education Humanities Theme Park is also a good choice!


In the evening, on the shores of Shaoquan Lake, Hefei’s wetland park, usher in a wonderful journey to get in touch with nature. It is blessed with a unique wetland ecology and lush greenery, and you can revel in the natural beauty. Stroll around the lake, the breeze blowing on the lake, bring a touch of coolness, feel the tranquility and peace of nature. The lake reflects the starry sky and contrasts with the greenery, giving people the feeling of being in a fairyland.

On the lakeside, you can enjoy a variety of nightly entertainment, the Internet celebrity train is a popular attraction, and Shaoquan Lake at night is also an ideal camping spot under the stars. In the lakeside camping area, you can set up a tent and share food and stories with family or friends. Come to Shaoquan Lake, get in touch with nature, and spend an unforgettable evening together!


Night check-in route NO.1

Four Seasons Flower Sea→ Banbian Street→ Dashu Mountain Forest Park


Route guidance

First take Metro Line 2, get off at Shushan West Station, walk to the Four Seasons Flower Sea, and after playing, you can walk or take the subway to Banbian Street and Dashu Mountain.


In the evening, the sunset shines on the sea of seasonal flowers, and the warm light reflects the whole flower sea picturesquely. Stroll along the path and you’ll find colorful Kelsang flowers swaying in the breeze, vast poppy fields with a faint fragrance, and a beautiful lotus pond that is enchanting to the sights of lotus flowers blooming by the pool.


The Four Seasons Flower Sea is definitely a good place to take photos, integrate yourself with the sea of flowers, immerse yourself in the embrace of nature, and feel the healing power brought by the beautiful flower sea. With just one camera, one heart, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery of this sea of flowers!


Under the bright night, explore half of the street at the foot of Dashu Mountain, and the tall Hui-style buildings along the way integrate the essence of folk customs and culture, showing its unique charm. The night of Half Street is a paradise for photo lovers, with exquisite and unique gates and artistic buildings all being the ideal backdrop for shooting.


While exploring, you may wish to taste the food, there are a variety of special snacks and traditional Huizhou dishes, whether it is a variety of Wei + village cuisine, or fragrant and delicious handmade cakes, you can satisfy your taste buds. When night falls, the unique milk tea shop attracts many diners. Taste a cup of fragrant milk tea and immerse yourself in the excitement of the night, which will surely bring you a wonderful taste experience!


The night is low, the moonlight is like silver, and stepping into the Dashu Mountain is as if entering a mysterious world. In the thick woods, there is the sound of three or three people walking together, and climbing Dashu Mountain at night is one of the summer night entertainment projects of Hefei people.


The air around you is refreshing, fresh and cool, climbing up the winding road, strolling here without fatigue, the moment you climb to the top seems to have the whole world, taking in the night beauty of Hefei!


Climbing Dashu Mountain at night is not only a test of willpower, but also a good way to exercise, and climbing to the top in the early morning and waiting for the sunrise is even more intoxicating!

Night check-in route NO.2

Sand Ship (Hefei) Outlet → Shuxihu Park→ INtime Department Store (high-tech store)


Route guidance

Take Metro Line 4 and get off at Quantum Science Center Station to Sasseur (Hefei) Outlet, after visiting, you can walk to Shuxihu Park and INtime Department Store (high-tech store).


The night of exploring the Sand Ship (Hefei) outlet is like being in a wonderland full of stars. The Italian lifestyle center exudes a strong European touch and is a delightful feeling. The children’s world is filled with childlike laughter, and the lights and fireworks highlight the joyful scene. The gourmet lounge exudes a tantalizing aroma that makes people mouth-watering.

While tasting the food, you can also enjoy the brilliant building lighting, so that the night shopping is full of romantic colors, and enjoy a unique Italian life experience!


On the shores of the beautiful Shuxi Lake, when night falls, a different kind of tranquility fills the air. Walking here after dinner is like entering an isolated paradise. Walking along the shore of the lake, the lake water ripples with a beautiful light and shadow, and the breeze blows on the cheeks, giving it a warm feeling. The shadows of distant trees cast on the ground, intertwined with the yellow glow of street lamps, creating a poetic picture.


Citizens who run at night sweat and enjoy the joy of sports. If you want to experience a more special night, you can choose to camp by the lake, set up a tent, share food and stories with family and friends under the stars, and bring you endless reverie under the romantic starry sky.


In the hustle and bustle of the city, there is an unforgettable night shopping paradise – INtime Department Store (high-tech store).


Walking into INtime Department Store (high-tech store), you will be greeted by a dazzling array of fashionable clothing and accessories. Major brands gather, fashion trends are all in it! After shopping, head to the food court for a feast for your taste buds. There is a variety of cuisines here, including Chinese, Western, Japanese and Korean, or a variety of specialty snacks.


Night check-in route NO.1

Pearl Plaza→ OBLOCK European style street→ Superbrand Mall


Route guidance

Take bus (150, 148, 64, 52, 57, 608, 80) bus to Pearl Plaza East Station, after playing, you can walk to OBLOCK European style street, superbrand plaza.


Hefei Pearl Square is the memory of the times of Hefei people and the future international leisure block. At night, the Pearl Square becomes more brilliant, walk on the square and feel the prosperity and vitality of the place. Stop to admire the musical fountain and enjoy this leisurely time, here, feel the cultural pulse of the city and experience the romantic atmosphere!


On hot summer nights, Hefei’s European-style streets exude a mesmerizing charm. Step into the European style street, and you will be amazed by the architectural landscape in front of you, such as traditional European buildings such as German castles and Dutch windmills, which are like scenes from a fairy tale.


As night falls, the European-style street begins to glow. Lights are brilliant, and colorful neon lights flow gracefully in the air, illuminating the entire street. The shops on the street have a charming aroma, and whether you’re strolling the streets with friends or having dinner with family, you’ll feel the unique charm of Europe. Laughter, joy and European romance are intertwined here, allowing you to find a moment of peace and joy in your busy life.


Come to Hefei’s European style street, feel this fashionable and trendy check-in spot, and feel the fantastic experience brought to us by European culture and architecture!


On summer evenings, come to Superbrand Mall and enter a vibrant and passionate shopping paradise. There are a variety of big-name clothing, accessories, and gourmet shops where you can enjoy shopping and gourmet food to your heart’s content! If you’re thirsty, try a cup of fragrant milk tea to satisfy your appetite!


The most striking thing is the Ferris wheel on the roof. It towers into the clouds and shines dazzlingly, becoming the landmark of Superbrand Mall. The lights of the Ferris wheel at night twinkle, adding a romantic atmosphere to the whole square, you can ride the Ferris wheel, overlook the night view of the entire Hefei city, and feel the beauty and prosperity of the city!

Night check-in route NO.2

Gui Street Food City → Emerald Lake Scenic Area


Route guidance

First, take Line 3 to University Town North Station, get off at Gui Street Food City, and walk to Emerald Lake after playing.


Eating is the appetite of the mouth, the enjoyment of the tip of the tongue, and the attitude of life! Let’s explore the food base of the university town – [Gui Street], which is a food paradise that is popular in the foodie circle, and it is also a late-night canteen for college students, where hundreds of delicacies gather! When you enter the university town, most of them covet the food: roasted amaranth skin, fishing powder, barbecue, fried buns, flower Krabi noodles, milk tea, bakery…


After the renovation, the open-air food street of the university town no longer exists, and the snack trucks that have been eating for more than ten years have moved to the Gui Street Food City, neat and clean stores, fireworks and delicacies, here together to find more secret delicacy!


“Jade Infinity Cover the Night Spring, hesitate to be half a god.” Located in the Hefei Economic Development Zone, Emerald Lake, like many of its “sister lakes,” was converted from a reservoir. Here, people stop to swim along the rippling water, or stroll through the boulevards, wooden waterways, rainbow bridges, or admire the lotus flowers in the lake… A great place to walk the baby!


Every night, in the eyes of Hefei people, Emerald Lake is romantic, the lights are on, the surrounding buildings are dim at night, the road around the lake “Huancui Road” is connected with the street lamps around the Emerald Lake campus of Hegong, overlooking from the sky, an orange-yellow love heart is engraved on the earth, which has not only become a dating destination for many lovers, but also attracts many jogging enthusiasts to check in, proudly posting a “heart” shaped trajectory in the circle of friends.

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