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Night check-in route NO.1

Guosou Plaza→ Heart City → Guanting Road Food Street

Take subway line 2 to Sanlian Station to Guomao Square. After staying there for a while, you can walk to Zhixin City and Guanting Road Food Street.

Starting from Sanlian, Exit C leads directly to the B1 floor of Guogou Square. The basement is an indoor market with handicrafts, flowers, and small accessories… A wide variety of products will definitely dazzle you!

It is only separated by a small alley from the National Shopping Mall and is a hot spot for young men and women! The Basketball court in front of the square is a must see place for playing at night! The neon lights and cool IP make this a great place to check in and take photos.

As a foodie in Hefei, of course, you can’t miss the Guanting Road Food Street! Across from the Heart City, it leads directly to the small gate of Annong, which is a small alley only five to six hundred meters long, gathering memories of many gourmet cuisine.

Night check-in route NO.2

Shilimiao Old Street→ Jindadi East-West Street→ Guichi Road Food Street

Route guidance

First take Metro Line 2 to Shilimiao Station, and after playing, you can ride to Jindadi and Guichi Road Food Street.

If you come here during the day, you may think that it is unremarkable, but when night falls, Shilimiao Old Street will show you its unique charm.

But in this old street, there are many surprises and delicacy hidden, Master Chen’s casserole king, Yunnan bamboo tube lotus leaf chicken, Beijing sliced skin roast duck, Qianli fragrant wonton king, Jinyun baked cake, Sanhe rice dumpling… Walking into the Ten Mile Temple on a summer night, there is always one that suits your taste!

When night falls, Jindadi East-West Street becomes the first choice of “fun venue” for young people!

In the walnut music restaurant and cat livehouse, the light and shadow are intertwined, and under the changing lights, three or two friends chat together, or listen to music quietly, no matter what, the slight drunkenness at the moment is an excellent posture for relaxation.

As a food street famous for its crayfish barbecue, Guichi Road must be on the list!

Night check-in route NO.3

Jingdong Electric Super Experience Store→ Haihui Flower Market

Route guidance

First take Metro Line 3 to Honggang Station to Jingdong Electric Super Experience Store, and walk to Haihui Flower Market after playing.

As soon as you enter the store, a full sense of technology comes to your face! There are 11 themed scene experience areas and 33 product interactive experience areas. It mainly operates mobile phones, computer digital, and household appliances, and cross-border children’s entertainment, home decoration, sports and outdoor, smart health, pet equipment and catering.

In addition, there are real e-sports arenas for game lovers, mechanical cube screens full of technology, and immersive live broadcast rooms built by millions… You can really hang out here all night!

The food here is all floral and fragrant! Walking straight inside, there are shops selling flowers on both sides. Lovely succulents and blooming flowers add a little romantic and lively atmosphere to this street.

The snack street hidden in the flower market is really amazing! On one side are mobile food truck stalls, and on the other side are food shops. Crispy rice cakes, flower Krabi noodles, Yundu pastry, Qiaotou ribs, ice powder mung bean soup, senior roasted pork trotters… The whole nine yards! At this point, it’s simply too hungry to walk!

Don’t worry if it’s rainy! There is also an indoor food street where you can sit and savor. There are several clothing stores further inside and the prices are really reasonable!

Night check-in route NO.4

Green Axis Park→ Hefei MixC → Hefei Sports Center

Route guidance

Take Metro Line 4 to Swan Lake Station, stroll through Green Axis Park, and walk to Hefei MixC and Hefei Sports Center.

It is bordered by Swan Lake Park to the north and Hefei Sports Center to the south. Green Axis Park has a parkour zone, skateboard, basketball court, football field, children’s playground, fitness facilities… It is a good place for everyone to run, play, cool off and walk on summer nights!

Located in Swan Lake Cultural Business District, Shushan District, Hefei City, China Resources MixC is a large-scale urban complex integrating shopping, leisure, office, hotel, catering and entertainment, and is a one-stop shopping center positioned as international fashion and high quality.

Gospel for skaters! There is a huge real ice skating rink, step on the ice, and use your skating skills to your heart’s content, what could be more comfortable in this hot summer day?

In this main stadium with a capacity of 6,<> people, this summer night ignited the expectations of many people! The performance market, which has been silent for three years, suddenly became hot, and the sports center has also become the first choice for stars to come to Hefei to hold concerts, and in the second half of the year, star concerts are coming! I hope everyone can grab the tickets! Feel the collective carnival fun together after a long absence!

There is also a swimming and diving hall, come here on hot summer days to play in the water and exercise together, so as not to live up to this long night!

Night check-in route NO.5

Hefei Grand Theatre→ Swan Lake Park → Swan Lake Wanda

Route guidance

Take Metro Line 3 to Hefei Grand Theatre Station, after watching the performance at Hefei Grand Theatre, you can visit Swan Lake around the lake and go shopping at Swan Lake Wanda.

Hefei Grand Theater, also known as Swan Lake Grand Theater, is located on the west side of the green axis of science and technology in Shushan District, Hefei City, west to Huaining Road, north to Dongliu Road, and south to Swan Lake.

Swan Lake Park is naturally a lingering part of the memories of Hefei people. The night of Swan Lake is always brightly lit, walking slowly along the lakeside path, looking at the Hefei Grand Theater, Twin Buildings, Anhui Radio and Television Center and other landmark buildings in front of you, and enjoying the cool light show!

There is also the Gold Coast beach on the south bank, about 600 meters long, where children play with each other, look at the newly built castle, and dream one romantic dream after another.

See you in Wanda, see you at the entrance of Jinjie! In the golden street full of food, there is always a wisp of fragrance that will haunt your soul! The sweetness of popcorn in Wanda Studios, the human fireworks in Luzhou Night Alley on a summer night… It has long been a gathering place for Hefei people’s fashion trends, a place for quality life experience, and a place for family joy sharing.

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