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On the 7th, China’s Supreme People’s Court and six other departments

jointly issued a notice on adapting to the recent adjustment on epidemic prevention and control policies .

Major Clarification

The notice clarifies that from January 8, 2023 , the date when the Covid-19 infection “Class B tube” is implemented and no longer included in the management of quarantine infectious diseases, violations will no longer be punished under Article 330 of the Criminal Law for obstruction of prevention and control of infectious diseases and Article 332 for obstruction of border health quarantine.

As for whether the health code still needs to exist,

Zheng Ge ,an expert , believes that there are still people who need to do nucleic acid test. Due to path dependence, nucleic acid test result is bound to the health code making it more convenient to query.

However, the public use of the health code has been lost. To this end, he suggested that the health code should be use for the purpose of querying nucleic acid test result for people in need .

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