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30-Year Old Expat Dies after Falling from a High-rise Building

French climber Remi Lucidi has been discovered dead in Hong Kong after falling from a high-rise building in what is believed to have been a failed attempt at a stunt.

The body of the 30-year-old man was found on the patio of an apartment block in the city’s Mid-Levels area.

Hong Kong police have said that an initial investigation suggests that he had fallen from a ledge. While no suicide note was found at the scene, authorities are now looking into other possible causes for the tragedy.

Lucidi had a significant following on social media with his death-defying photographs taken atop tall structures around the world and went by the name “Remi Enigma.”

French climber Remi Lucidi dies in Hong Kong while attempting a stunt

Remi Lucidi had posted photos of himself on many high-rise building around the world.

Following the discovery of his body on July 23, people have been mourning his passing on online platforms.

Police said he had initially told security that he needed to visit a friend on the 40th floor but instead used the elevator to reach the 49th floor and then used the stairwells to reach the top floor.

Police said he was last seen knocking on the window of a penthouse at Tregunter Tower at about 7.30pm last Thursday, asking to be let in.

A frightened domestic helper from the flat had called police for help when she discovered the man at the window.

By 7:45 pm officers had received a gas leak report, but upon arrival discovered the man’s body outside of the building. The authorities confirmed that his fall had resulted in a gas pipe breaking.

An ID card found on his person confirmed his identity, as well as a sports camera with footage of some of his previous stunts.

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