Ocean department store

By administrator | Mar 05,2015

Ocean department store group co., LTD. Was established in May 2002, is specializing in retail department store in mainland China Taiwan investment enterprises. The company has been in June 2012, listed in Taiwan stock exchange stock code (5907). The ocean department in nanjing, wuhan, chongqing, xi 'an, fuzhou, quanzhou, suzhou, xiangtan, hengyang, yichang, hefei, xianning 12 cities opened 17 stores, operating a total area of more than 680000 square meters, group total assets of more than 40, one hundred million yuan.

Ocean department store management team, from the mainland and Taiwan, Hong Kong and the average management department management qualification for more than 16 years, with rich practical experience, a group of proficient in management and administration of department of professional and technical team. The operating principle of the company insists on the service is supreme, pragmatic innovation, to create a unique, comfortable service for consumers shopping environment, effective business platform for the general merchants to build the international first-class, create huge property value-added space for developers, a large number of employment opportunities and taxes for the local.

With the expansion of domestic demand, ocean department store group is actively expanding throughout the country, the development direction is given priority to with municipality directly under the central government, provincial capital city and prefecture level, and according to the different size of the market and consumption ability is divided into three types of topic department, were "boutique", "fashion department" and "life department". Ocean department store will become China's largest and most successful one of the leading enterprises in the department.

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