Cosmo City

By administrator | Nov 16,2016

In hefei, located in the heart of the hefei city project of shushan district three mile Yangtze river middle road and FeiXi road jiaokou temples, is a collection of eating, shopping, leisure, entertainment in one of the large-scale comprehensive shopping center, located in hefei middle class family, and the pursuit of fashion young consumer groups. The project total construction area of 350000 ㎡, including garden apartment, 5 a grade a office buildings and shopping center of three parts. Among them, 120000 ㎡ shopping center, 1 from the ground floor to the ground layer 7, gathering the fashion brand clothing, theme restaurant, fashion digital, children's entertainment, nursing, etc. [1] of diverse forms, existing ocean department store, poly international cinemas and champion rink to join the three main shops, together create set to eat, shopping, leisure and entertainment in a body's large-scale comprehensive shopping center.

The heart of the city of rendering

The heart of the city of rendering

The heart of the hefei city project is located in the main hub city, three mile anno prosperous business circle heartland, three facing road, dozens of bus lines converge on the ground, metro line 2 has set up a file in the construction, is expected to run formally in 2016. Unparalleled accessibility makes large consumer crowd come, make the project with the natural geographical advantage.

The heart of the hefei city project underground three layers and three layers reserved 1300 parking Spaces, and provide convenience for the consumer at the same time, also greatly alleviate the pressure of parking.