Indian and Pakistani Restaurant

By HFCONNECT | Nov 18,2016

Khyber Inn

Khyber Inn’s specialty, is that it provides a better place to enjoy Pakistani and Indian cuisines that include a variety of dishes at reasonable prices. Khyber Inn has competent and experienced chefs from India and Pakistan as well as trained serving staff.

 We have perfected the art of cooking dozens of dishes that maximize and enhance flavors and will leave our customers wanting more. Kababs and tikkas will be cooked on the grill; we use the best quality Basmati rice, from Pakistan, to cook Biryani and pulao in the most authentic way possible. Peshawari Chicken karahi and many other Indian karahi’s are cooked indifferent styles that are known throughout India, so our customers have many tastes to choose from. Not only is the cooking method is considered, but even cooking utensils and their materials are pre-determined for specific use and effect.

Pakistani and Indian curries &Khyber Inn special Penda are typical of Khyber Inn

Another important factor in our Pakistani cooking methods, is patience. Yes, patience. There is no such thing as Hurry Curry. To make a succulent Qorma, or a rich Pulao, or even an aromatic Biryani, proper cooking procedure is used and proper time is allocated. We purchase the correct ingredients then trim or cut according to the dish and recipe. Ingredients such as rice and daaland vegetables are washed and soaked prior to cooking.

In some households or restaurants, you will find that all the dishes taste the same. This is because the same amount of spices are erroneously used in the same way. With every dish, we use different spices, differing in amount, and of course we don’t add all the spices to the dish at once. That is why foreign chefs use staple ingredients like onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, and the same five or six spices in most of our dishes.

How could these dishes be so different, delicious, and unique with the same ingredients?

The secret of Khyber Inn cooking is using different varieties, quantity, sequence and ingredients of spices as well as variety of cooking methods

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